Oh YulJa BackNam Dance Company(Foundid in 1984)

OH YULJA (Choreographer and Director)

A professor of Science Sport Exercise and Dance Department of HanYang University
 International Activities and Performances
1.Korean folk dance performance at U.S.C in U.S.A in 1984

1.Choreography of HongKong international dance festival at Hong Kong and Taiwan in 1986

1. International flower dance festivval in Debracen, Hungary in 1990

1. Sofia concert hall and National palace of culture in Bulgaria in 1990

1.East Europe at WarsawAcademy theatre in Poland in 1992 East Europe at Bmo Czecch theater

   and Bratislava Slook theater and Ostrava Amfitheater in Czecho in 1992

1. Israelli International festival in 1997

1.France Saints Festiva(C.I.O.F.F)l in 1999

1.France  Puy En Velay Feastival(C.I.O.F.F) in 2001

1.Italy Russi,Aviano,Piancavallo,Rassegna Festival(C.I.O.F.F) in 2002

1.Switzerland Fribourg festival(C.I.O.F.F) in 2003

1.15th Bulgaria Varna International  Folk Festival(C.I.O.F.F) in 2006

1.Espagne Festival International Des peuples du monde D'extremandura-CACERES in 2010

1.Turky Eurasian Festivals in  2011

1.China Taiwan Mingdao University Invitation Performance  in 2014

1.International Folkloristic Dance Festival SIVO-ODOORN,Holland in 2015