Jung JeMan Dance Company

                                      Founded in 1980                                                                                                                            



              The aim of the company is to preserve the Korean tradition

              and show the innovative spirit and sense of beauty of Korean  culture.

(Choreographer and Director)

1. Named by the korean government as the cultural asset No, 27 for his accomplishied performance
....of the SEUNG MOO DANCE (National Intangible Cultural Asset No.27)

1. Grand Prize from the 7th Dong-A Dance Festival for his performance of the SEUNGMOO DANCE

1. Teacher of the SEUNGMOO DANCE at Summer school of Hawaii College (1982)

1. Grand Prize from the 6th Korean Dance Festival (1984)

1. A Professor of the dance department at SookMeung Women's University in Korea (1987-at present)

1. General Chereographer at the closing ceremony of 1988 Seoul Olympic Game (1988)

1. Grand Prize from the 45th France Dijong International Dance Festival (1991)

International Activities & Performances (40 female and 10 male members)

1. Italy Milano Lolenzo Festival in 1990

1. France Martique Festival in 1990

1. Australia-Korean Socieaty Sydney Festival in 1991

1. 45 France Dijong Festival in 1991 (Won the Grand prize)

1. 7th Israeli Festival in 1992

1. 8th Israel Festival at a special request due to overwhelming success of the
... 92 Israeli festival in 1993

1. Poland Kolobrzeg Festival in 1993
...(won the Chereograper prize, the Stage maner prize, the photogragher prize)

1. France Martique Festival in 1993

1. Canada Lanchine, Cornwell in 1994

1. Canada Qeen Elizabeth Theater in 1994

1. Participated the France Anger Festival in 1996

1. Peru Jallmay Festival in 1997

1. 11th Italy Atessa Festival in 1997

1. England Milton Keynes/Llangollen International Festival in 1999

1.Japanese Kakoshima Civic Hall Performance in 1999

1.France Saint Die the 10th Geographie in 1999

1.38th France Pyrenees festival in 2000

1.Greece Kavala Festival in 2004

1.China Kumming Korean-Dance Performance in 2005

1.China Guangzou Korean-Dance Performance in 2005

1.Bulgaria/Romannia Korean-dance performance in 2007

1.France Martiques Festival in 2008

1.Qatar Doha Asian Cup( football Game) Event in 2011