(Foundid in 1989)  

Jun EunJa(Choregrapher and Director)

  A Professor of Sungkyukwan University in Korea  




"Jun EunJa Dance Comapny" has made efforts to popularize the Korean traditional dance and  bequeath it  to the future generations with enthusiasm and artistic sprit. It is famous for the amazing fan dance.

the group has been invited to folk dance festivals throughout the Word.


International Activities & performances

           (25 females and 4 males)


1.Foundid in 1989

1.Participated the Canada International Folkloristic Dance festival in 1989

1.Participated the Taipei International Folk Dance festival in 1990

1.Invited Performance by the Italy Genova Expo in 1992

1.Invited performance by the Alasca Consulular of U.S.A in 1993.

1.Participate the Normandy  Village Fastivals in 2001 

1.Invited Performance by Freie Universitat Berlin in 2004

1.participate the Canada Drumonville Festival in 2005

1.France Romans/England Billingham festival in 2006

1.Folkmoot U.S.A in 2007

1.German Schlitz/Scheebel Festivals in 2009