(founded in 1992)   

(Choreographer and Director) 



A professor of the  tradition culture arts department of SookMyung   Women's graduated University in Korea

 International activities & performances
(16 female and 6 male members)

 1.Korean-Japanese  Tokyo Saimata performances in 1992

1."Dream of JangBoGo" overseas performances tour(Los Angeles,Buenos Aires,Sao Paulo,Vancover,Sydney,Aukland,San Francisco) in 1995

1.South America  overseas performances tour(Chile, Peru,Brazil) in 1996

1.South East overseas performances( Thiland,India) in 1997

1.5th Korea-China treaty of anity performances(Shanghai,Changchun,Beijing) in 1997

1.Overseas performances tour(Ankara,Istanbul,Cairo,Hungari,Budapest) in 1999

1.France, Germany,Switzerland  culture Tour in 2002

1.Japan culture Tour in 2003

1.Czech quadrille stage lights festival in 2007

1.Germany Showtech stage lights festival in 2007

1.France Martiques festival in 2008

1.50th Korean Australia Immigration anniversary,Sydney convention center performance in 2009

1.Turky Syindrig Festval in 2009

1. Poland 47th Bskidy Highlander "Week of Culture" in 2010 (Grand Prix winner)

    Poland 19th International Festival of folklore Strzegem in 2010

1.Italy 19th Festival International del folklore-Bolontana in 2011