(Foundid in1995)                          

Mr.JUNG YONGJIN(Chereographer and Director)

  1.President of Byuksa Dance Company

  1.A Lecturer of Dance Department of MyongJi University    


 The aim of the company is to preserve the Korean tradition culture, spirit and beauty.and show the innovative sprit and sense of beauty of Korean culture


  International Performances and Activities (20females and 5 males)

 1. Italy,Turky,Senegal and South Africa in 2002

 1. Peking International Arts festival in 2002

 1. Japan Hiosima,Mioshi,Howooshi in 2002

 1. France Strasburg in 2002

 1. Janpan Narashi,Osaka 2003

 1. Korean-American immigration 100years Aniversity of Chicago,
     Newyork,New Jersey,Washington D.C in 2003

 1. France Martique Festival in 2008

 1. Bolivia,Ecuador Governmant invitated Performances in 2011

1.Oman Muscat Festival in 2013